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Do Facebook Ads Work for Small Businesses?

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2020

Small Business Facebook Ads


You may be wondering whether, as a small business, you can truly reap the benefits of Facebook advertising. If you’ve scoured the web for new ways to market your business online, you’ll likely have come across the idea of Facebook business advertising.


Facebook ads are an incredibly powerful content marketing tool for small businesses. By knowing how to use Facebook ads the right way, they are valuable assets. A small business behind a successful Facebook ad campaign will have arguably thought long and hard about their Facebook marketing strategy. Why wouldn’t you want the same for your business? 


Digital Marketing Engine are an experienced Facebook advertising agency, who know the ins and outs of Facebook marketing for small businesses. But we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted proof in the pudding before you commit to a social media advertising agency. So we’ve outlined why you should consider...

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Questions to Ask your Facebook Advertising Agency

Uncategorized May 31, 2020

Facebook Ad Agencies


Choosing a Facebook ad agency is no easy feat and not a decision to take lightly. Narrowing down the organisations is difficult enough, but you’ve also got the added pressure of knowing that your choice needs to pay dividends in your Facebook advertising campaigns. How can you be convinced that your chosen Facebook advertising agency is going to swing the tide in your favour? How can you be sure their previous experience with Facebook ads, will result in successful lead generation ads for your business? 


Outsourcing your Facebook advertising to an experienced social media ad agency isn’t easy at all. Here at Digital Marketing Engine, we have a wealth of experience helping numerous clients with various Facebook ad campaigns, across a wide variety of sectors.


Advertising Agency for Small Businesses


We may be biased, but we know for sure that we can be the agency that will help create Facebook ads that are going to work...

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Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Uncategorized May 24, 2020

What is Facebook Advertising?


Advertising your business on Facebook can be a valuable tool in reaching potential customers. It’s one thing to interact with people about your business, products and services, but Facebook ads go a long way in reaching other users who otherwise may not be aware of what you’re offering.


Knowing how to advertise on Facebook can pay long-term dividends for your business. The most critical step is to choose the advertisements which are going to support your goals and be the perfect fit for your target audience.


There is no universal answer to the general question, “what is the best way to advertise on Facebook?” There are numerous Facebook ad types, some of which may not be suitable for you. Therefore it’s essential to research the best Facebook advertisements, and determine the course of action which is going to help you the most.


Advantages of Advertising on Facebook


Facebook advertising...

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Common Facebook Lead Generation Ad Mistakes (and what to do instead)

Uncategorized May 10, 2020

Facebook Lead Generation Ads


Facebook advertising is a popular and effective form of digital marketing. It has never been easier to advertise your business on Facebook and other social media platforms, whether that’s to increase brand awareness or create new leads. But how do you know your Facebook ads are going to be successful, converting, lead generation advertisements?


It’s all well and good knowing how to create Facebook ads, but how do you know the ones you create are going to work?


There is no cookie cutter Facebook marketing strategy to use, primarily because every business is different. Take the following as an example.


Facebook ads for a clothing company (with a CTA for users to sign up to a mailing list) are going to require a different approach than, say, a dental clinic whose target audience is people who need to book a consultation. 


There is no such thing as a ‘best Facebook ad’; each business has to...

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Common Problems When Managing your Own Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2020

Facebook Ads Not Delivering?


On the surface, Facebook advertising might look pretty straightforward. However, many businesses just don’t understand the level of expertise and strategic thinking that goes into creating successful Facebook advertising campaigns.


If your business is experienced in digital marketing, managing your own Facebook ads can be tempting. But the truth is you open yourselves up to several issues that affect your campaign’s success and, by extension, how profitable it is. Here at Digital Marketing Engine, we are regularly approached by businesses who need help with their Facebook ad campaigns. They require the help of an experienced Facebook advertising agency who can create successful ad campaigns for them.


Many businesses regularly have Facebook advertising problems, and they aren’t sure how to fix them. We’ve outlined some common issues companies have with Facebook advertisements.


Problems with Facebook Ads

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Why sitting on your hands could be the answer...

Uncategorized Sep 29, 2019

Want to know how we approach an ad campaign?

Even if you haven’t outsourced your ads yet, you can use my pointers to help get your ads working harder for you!

 Set staged goals - if you don’t have a clear goal in mind for each stage of the campaign, you won’t know if it’s a success.

Use ALL PLACEMENTS - yep - I said it! Facebook is super smart. They will get the low-hanging fruit first so your initial results will be cheap(ish) and then the quality will come in. Let Facebook choose where to spend but keep a close eye on it so you can optimise for what is working as the numbers come in.

 Set your ads manager to the time zone that the majority of your target audience is in. That way the 24 hour optimisation and ad spend runs to the same day as your audience.

 Top of funnel is for cold audiences, middle for warm and bottom for raving fans. Don’t forget some extra nurture-love for those guys, they’re your best buddies.


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Want my secret formula to easy content creation?

Uncategorized Sep 25, 2019

Ok, so ‘secret’ might be a bit far fetched… 


Just like most of you, creating engaging content doesn’t just ‘happen’ every time we put pen to paper / fingertips to keyboards.  I’ve been writing business development content for as long as I can remember, across a bunch of different industries and for a huge range of outcomes.  It isn’t easy, but there is a clear formula that shines out of all the content you read and find compelling. That is what we’re going to crack here. 


Great content is born out of research, careful planning and really, really listening to what your ideal client wants and needs from you. The job of your content is not only letting your ideal client discover you, but also helping them to recognise their need in your content, providing value and building trust. That is A LOT to ask of some simple words on a page - no wonder most business owners find content creation one of the...

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5 Strategies you can use today to produce consistently great content

Uncategorized Sep 19, 2019

Producing consistently good social media content doesn’t need to be hard!  You’re already an expert on what you do, so helping your customer or client is top of your agenda.  Actively showing them where and how they can get that help is your duty - this isn’t sales - it is serving your customer by solving a problem they have.  If you can see that what you do is solving a problem for people, making their life easier, more enjoyable, more streamlined and successful; then you will have the message you need to promote to get found more often.


You get found through your content. Your content is how people get to know you.  It’s what they see first, what they learn to associate with your brand, and how they come to be a loyal follower who consumes everything you do and raves about you to family and friends.  


How do you create content that achieves all of that?


1 - Don’t sell. Show instead. 



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Why do you need great content?


Why do you need great content?


Google “ how often should I post on my Facebook page?” and you’ll get hundreds, if not thousands, of hits - all offering different advice on the best time and frequency to post.  The truth is that posting regularly has a lot of benefits:


  • Facebook favours predictability
  • Your audience knows they will get regular, great content from you
  • Creating content keeps you tapped into what your audience wants
  • It makes your advertising cheaper...


...and so many more benefits that the list would be endless!   


As a Facebook Ads agency, we love working with businesses who create a lot of content; they not only understand what it is to align with their clients, but they tend to have a much more engaged  and receptive audience, which makes our job of scaling sales and finding fresh customers far more exciting, and their results can be HUGE!  


More often than not we’re...

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I'd like it to go viral, please...

facebook ads Sep 06, 2019

I'd like it to go viral, please...

Yep. That's the brief.

Predicting what can and will take on a life of its own on social media is no mean feat. If it were possible it would certainly be worth keeping under wraps!

What we can do is to ensure that the ads we're producing are reaching the right people, at the right time, for the right price. Delivering a multiple return on ad spend (ROAS) is the benchmark of success for sales-focused campaigns. But what does it take to build that ROAS?

Spoiler alert! There are no ‘secret methods’ or hidden tricks to high performing ads.

(sorry ‘bout that!).



Four questions will give you the keys to the castle:

  • Did I test it properly?
  • How good is my creative?
  • How good is my offer / product?
  • Is my set-up fully connected?


Start at the bottom of the list and work your way to the top. Be brutally honest with yourself at each stage and fix the things that are not quite hitting the...

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