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Why sitting on your hands could be the answer...

Uncategorized Sep 29, 2019

Want to know how we approach an ad campaign?

Even if you haven’t outsourced your ads yet, you can use my pointers to help get your ads working harder for you!

 Set staged goals - if you don’t have a clear goal in mind for each stage of the campaign, you won’t know if it’s a success.

Use ALL PLACEMENTS - yep - I said it! Facebook is super smart. They will get the low-hanging fruit first so your initial results will be cheap(ish) and then the quality will come in. Let Facebook choose where to spend but keep a close eye on it so you can optimise for what is working as the numbers come in.

 Set your ads manager to the time zone that the majority of your target audience is in. That way the 24 hour optimisation and ad spend runs to the same day as your audience.

 Top of funnel is for cold audiences, middle for warm and bottom for raving fans. Don’t forget some extra nurture-love for those guys, they’re your best buddies.


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Want my secret formula to easy content creation?

Uncategorized Sep 25, 2019

Ok, so ‘secret’ might be a bit far fetched… 


Just like most of you, creating engaging content doesn’t just ‘happen’ every time we put pen to paper / fingertips to keyboards.  I’ve been writing business development content for as long as I can remember, across a bunch of different industries and for a huge range of outcomes.  It isn’t easy, but there is a clear formula that shines out of all the content you read and find compelling. That is what we’re going to crack here. 


Great content is born out of research, careful planning and really, really listening to what your ideal client wants and needs from you. The job of your content is not only letting your ideal client discover you, but also helping them to recognise their need in your content, providing value and building trust. That is A LOT to ask of some simple words on a page - no wonder most business owners find content creation one of the...

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5 Strategies you can use today to produce consistently great content

Uncategorized Sep 19, 2019

Producing consistently good social media content doesn’t need to be hard!  You’re already an expert on what you do, so helping your customer or client is top of your agenda.  Actively showing them where and how they can get that help is your duty - this isn’t sales - it is serving your customer by solving a problem they have.  If you can see that what you do is solving a problem for people, making their life easier, more enjoyable, more streamlined and successful; then you will have the message you need to promote to get found more often.


You get found through your content. Your content is how people get to know you.  It’s what they see first, what they learn to associate with your brand, and how they come to be a loyal follower who consumes everything you do and raves about you to family and friends.  


How do you create content that achieves all of that?


1 - Don’t sell. Show instead. 



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Why do you need great content?


Why do you need great content?


Google “ how often should I post on my Facebook page?” and you’ll get hundreds, if not thousands, of hits - all offering different advice on the best time and frequency to post.  The truth is that posting regularly has a lot of benefits:


  • Facebook favours predictability
  • Your audience knows they will get regular, great content from you
  • Creating content keeps you tapped into what your audience wants
  • It makes your advertising cheaper...


...and so many more benefits that the list would be endless!   


As a Facebook Ads agency, we love working with businesses who create a lot of content; they not only understand what it is to align with their clients, but they tend to have a much more engaged  and receptive audience, which makes our job of scaling sales and finding fresh customers far more exciting, and their results can be HUGE!  


More often than not we’re...

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I'd like it to go viral, please...

facebook ads Sep 06, 2019

I'd like it to go viral, please...

Yep. That's the brief.

Predicting what can and will take on a life of its own on social media is no mean feat. If it were possible it would certainly be worth keeping under wraps!

What we can do is to ensure that the ads we're producing are reaching the right people, at the right time, for the right price. Delivering a multiple return on ad spend (ROAS) is the benchmark of success for sales-focused campaigns. But what does it take to build that ROAS?

Spoiler alert! There are no ‘secret methods’ or hidden tricks to high performing ads.

(sorry ‘bout that!).



Four questions will give you the keys to the castle:

  • Did I test it properly?
  • How good is my creative?
  • How good is my offer / product?
  • Is my set-up fully connected?


Start at the bottom of the list and work your way to the top. Be brutally honest with yourself at each stage and fix the things that are not quite hitting the...

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How To Make Data-Based Decisions On Facebook

Uncategorized Aug 27, 2019

How To Make Data-Based Decisions On Facebook

When it comes to social media, it can be very difficult to know if you’re making the right decision. If you’re posting at the right time, or with the right type of content, or even where you should post to. Thankfully, those decisions don’t have to be left to guesswork. If you’re willing to put in a bit of effort, Facebook already has all the information you need and is just waiting to give it to you. All you need to do is ask the right questions.


The Facebook Data Mine


Like it or not, Facebook is an absolute goldmine of data. Not only that, but it knows how to use it too. Data is key to how Facebook operates, and the platform uses data to drive most, if not all of its decision making. Not only that, but it pushes past the immediate metrics to uncover real insights and answers around how to better connect with their audience. 


If you use the Facebook Insights analytics tools, you will...

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Why You Will Never ‘Hack’ The Facebook Algorithm (and why you shouldn't try)



Why You Will Never ‘Hack’ The Facebook Algorithm (and why you shouldn't try)


If you type ‘beat the Facebook algorithm’ into Google, you will find hundreds of thousands of articles. They will give you advice on how to either avoid or trick Facebook’s latest algorithm changes and make your social media efforts more successful. As long as social media algorithms have been around, people have been trying to find ways to beat them instead of working within their rules. But we’re here to tell you something you probably don’t want to hear – you can’t beat the algorithm. And here’s why.


How Algorithms Work


In a strictly technical sense, the word ‘algorithm’ is a set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations. When it comes to social media, each network and platform has a unique set of technical elements, intricate logic and usage analytics that make up the...

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Who is responsible for sales in your business?


Is a Founder really a Marketer?

Earlier this month I co-hosted the #UppercaseConference run by @Missinglettr.  


The idea was ambitious, brilliant, insane, fraught with opportunities to fail as well as the potential to really become something special.  The founder of Missinglettr, Benjamin Dell, is a developer, a coder, a serial entrepreneur with a number of successes under his belt and plenty more in the tank.   


Together we hosted over 100 speakers from around the World; The USA, New Zealand, The UK, India, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Africa… and many more.  Each of the speakers gave a valuable lesson in the area of their expertise and contributed a value-add gift or membership for the viewers. I’m not going to dazzle you by naming every name, but suffice it to say this conference attracted some big names such as AppSumo, Thinkific, Baremetrics, Traffic is Currency, HelpDocs, Lemlist, LeanStack, Quuu, PingGo,  and so many...

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Why can't I just put out an advert that people click?


“I just want to put out an advert that generates enquiries for my business.  All the email list things sound complicated and like it will take a lot of my time.”


I was explaining how to set up a low-cost lead-generation process for a potential client this morning.  We’re starting from scratch; implementing her Facebook Pixel, setting up an Email Service Provider (ESP), building a lead-magnet and a short email nurture sequence. From there we could not only retarget visitors using ads, but send them to her blog and start a conversation there, too.


Does that sound like double-dutch to you?  This is what I live & breathe but I hadn’t taken in to account that for her, it was overwhelming.


All Marie wanted to do was to have an advert on her Facebook page that people clicked on to buy her service.  Sounds simple enough… right? Wrong.


Why a 1-click advert just won’t work.

We [humans] are...

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Don't outsource your marketing until you read this...

business owner marketing Apr 23, 2019


As a business owner, you wear multiple hats every day.  Your to-do list gets longer by the minute and you’re constantly having to figure out how to do the next thing.  You have a lot of mixed responsibilities. Chances are you’re either creating content for your services or working with a supply chain for your products.   The research, planning, network-building and discovery (not to mention investment) it takes to get a business off the ground is enormous and exhausting, no matter how great your passion!


No matter what your product or service, the only way you get paid is by developing a client or customer who buys from you.  How do you make that happen?


Small business owners like you and I think we can be all things to all people.  We hear time and time again in the small business world that we need to build a team around us of people to whom we can outsource tasks.  Still we ‘google’ how to do...

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