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I'd like it to go viral, please...


I'd like it to go viral, please...

Yep. That's the brief.

Predicting what can and will take on a life of its own on social media is no mean feat. If it were possible it would certainly be worth keeping under wraps!

What we can do is to ensure that the ads we're producing are reaching the right people, at the right time, for the right price. Delivering a multiple return on ad spend (ROAS) is the benchmark of success for sales-focused campaigns. But what does it take to build that ROAS?

Spoiler alert! There are no ‘secret methods’ or hidden tricks to high performing ads.

(sorry ‘bout that!).



Four questions will give you the keys to the castle:

  • Did I test it properly?
  • How good is my creative?
  • How good is my offer / product?
  • Is my set-up fully connected?


Start at the bottom of the list and work your way to the top. Be brutally honest with yourself at each stage and fix the things that are not quite hitting the mark. 


How good is your set up?

  • Do you have your tracking pixel installed? 
  • Are your event codes on the right pages (and are they working?)?  
  • Do your buttons work?
  • Does your landing page load quickly?
  • Is your email service provider hooked up?
  • Have you tested it? 
  • Have you tested it again?


How good is your offer?

  • Is it clear what problem you’re solving?
  • Does it pass the sniff test (can you tell what it is without needing an explanation?
  • Is it clear WHO it is for?
  • Is it something people actually want?
  • Have you tested it? 
  • Have you tested it again?


How good is your creative?

  • Is it relatable?
  • Is it clearly linked to your offer?
  • Does it appeal to your client profile?
  • Have you tested it? 
  • Have you tested it again?


You’ll understand by now that the primary reason ads work is that you’ve tested each of their parts and found the ‘magic’ formula that resonates with your audience, pulls them towards you and makes them want to buy from you. 


Before you deep-dive into any campaigns you need to get the foundations right. There is a cost, and we hear so many times ‘ I don’t have the budget for testing’! But the truth is that a £1 spent on testing could save you 10x that in ad spend later down the line. More importantly - a £1 spent on testing could MAKE you 100x that later down the line! 

Get a pro audit of your ads account. 

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