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5 Strategies you can use today to produce consistently great content

Producing consistently good social media content doesn’t need to be hard!  You’re already an expert on what you do, so helping your customer or client is top of your agenda.  Actively showing them where and how they can get that help is your duty - this isn’t sales - it is serving your customer by solving a problem they have.  If you can see that what you do is solving a problem for people, making their life easier, more enjoyable, more streamlined and successful; then you will have the message you need to promote to get found more often.


You get found through your content. Your content is how people get to know you.  It’s what they see first, what they learn to associate with your brand, and how they come to be a loyal follower who consumes everything you do and raves about you to family and friends.  


How do you create content that achieves all of that?


1 - Don’t sell. Show instead. 


Yep. Selling makes people deaf.  We hear so much noise and see so many ads that we’ve become pretty immune to them!   


If you want people to flock to you, you need to have a good story.  Genuine stories that show how your product or service will solve a problem for your customer.   The story needs to have a beginning, middle and end. 


The beginning of the story describes life before you solve the problem.  It helps the customer to identify with the main character in the story, to see themselves in the same situation, with the same problems, obstacles and constraints.   


The middle of the story will centre on a decision that that character has to make.  The outcome of the choices may not be clear and is the pivotal point for your customer.  They need to see themselves faced with this same decision.


The climax of the story is where the character makes the leap, takes the decision that will lead to their ultimate success or total failure. 


In your story, your customer (the main character) will be successful and achieve a changed state that is clearly on the path to or has already reached, their goal as a result of the product or service that they bought from you. 


Here’s a quick example;


Jane is an experienced coach.  She works with women who are driving their business forward in order to carve out a career that is both rewarding and flexible.  Every day Jane faced adversity in the workplace because she was juggling both employment and family responsibilities. Now Jane’s mission is to show them how they can successfully grow their businesses and replace their employee salary so they can have the life they want. 


Although Jane delivers a great coaching experience and has helped countless people to make lasting change, she struggles to find clients, meaning her income fluctuates wildly. 


Jane realised that she needed someone who knew much more about implementing a marketing strategy than she did but was worried about the investment and whether or not she would see a return on the money she would need.  


Then one day Jane met Isobel who had worked with a number of coaches to develop and implement the marketing strategy that regularly and predictably delivered them qualified coaching clients.  Jane understood that working with someone who already specialised in this would save her hours and hours of time trying to find the information, and save her from spending money on expensive tools.  Instead, she could use the time she had won back for paid coaching sessions that would generate more income!


Because of that Jane’s won back a day per week of coaching time, increasing her revenue by 20%, while Isobel took on her marketing and advertising.    With a comprehensive marketing strategy in place, Jane’s client book was filling up and her coaching revenue was increasing, rapidly.   


Until finally Jane had a predictable and scalable stream of clients coming to her. Seeing that there were still so many people out there who needed her help, she was able to devote some of her coaching time to training coaches, building a much larger and far more sustainable income for herself and her coaching team.  Ever since then Jane has had a more sustainable income that doesn’t rely purely on the time she spends coaching. This has given her more freedom financially, and more time to do things with her family and friends. 


  1. Collaboration over competition.


Finding collaboration partners brings new dimensions to your business and gives you a stronger offering to take to market.    Whether this is inhouse or external collaboration partners, you are stronger collectively than spread thinly by yourself. 


Your messaging may be to discuss the holistic strategy to solve the problem your client has, using products or services that you are a part of. 


For example, when businesses want to find more clients they will typically do one, or more, of the following things:


1 - Try to improve their Google ranking

  • SEO agency
  • New website development


2 - Try to improve their social media

  • Write sudden bursts on Facebook /  LinkedIn
  • Engage a blog writer to produce loads of content 
  • Give responsibility to someone within their company, such as a junior, trainee, or another person who is in a job unrelated to marketing. 


3 - Boost posts or pay for adverts 

  • Google AdWords Agency

Because we know that these are the things that businesses look for when they need new clients, we collaborate with other companies in these fields.   We work with at least 5 SEO agencies, several web developers, Google AdWords specialists and copywriters. Together, we understand that we can offer a more holistic and fruitful service by combining what we do at the most relevant stage of the client’s journey. 


If they need to generate sales fast, Facebook advertising is still the quickest and most economical way to do so.  


Once they have some revenue, it is advisable to spend it on SEO and high converting websites so that the traffic we’re sending from the Facebook Ads campaigns converts at a higher rate.  


From the data we gather during Facebook Ad campaigns we can identify the best terms for them to use for Google AdWords... 

...and the keywords to use in the blog and social media posts. 

When we create content we will share it with these businesses and they share theirs with us.  This helps on two levels; 

1) It reduces the time spent creating content as we can use each other's, and 

2) We are using their brands as examples and cross-promoting each other without selling.  

We can do this because we know that the results are better for our clients when we work collaboratively. 


3 - Mix visuals / video / written work

You spend time, effort and energy-producing content.  Posting it once and leaving it there feels like a big lost-opportunity.  We like to make our content sweat a little more by repurposing it across channels and media. 


Humans are very visual. We spend more time on an image or video than we do reading posts. Our eyes are drawn to bright colours, moving objects and pattern-interrupters. A bit like the header video for this blog post!


Repurposing your content across different mediums is a great way to get it noticed by a wider range of people and to save you time producing more, and more!  It is also a great way to learn what works best for your audience so you can focus effort on producing content people want to consume!


For example; this blog is written.  There are images within it but the information is imparted through the written word.  That’s fine, but not everyone will get this far!


We’ve created an infographic, a video and some Facebook Lives that all give the same information in a much more visual way.  Here’s the infographic so you can see what I mean:


4 - Minimum Viable Product. 


When we build a funnel for a Facebook ad campaign we ALWAYS start with an MVP.  This means we can validate the product, offer, hook, and audience before our client spends any serious money developing their product or service.  


When we work with established brands who have a proven track record of selling online and want to scale, we STILL start with a validation campaign.  We want to know that when our clients are investing their money in our Facebook Ads campaigns that we’re making sure they are getting the most sales at the optimum price.  


This means we test countless combinations of audiences to find the highest conversions.  Once we have that we test to find the ‘hook’ that will bring people to their offer. 

Once we have the hook, we test variations of the offer to make sure we’re not losing any potential sales. 


When things aren’t selling it is 70% of the time a poor offer, 20% of the time the wrong hook, and just 10% of the time the landing page.   By validating each step, we know what to tweak and how to adjust to get the formula working smoothly.


Once this is working, we can make it more robust and scale it to increase sales. 

5 - Review, Revise, Repost


 The last, but possibly the most important, of these 5 strategies you can use to produce consistently great content is to review what you have already. 


By looking at the insights tab on Facebook you can see what has resonated with your audience.   If you don’t yet have many followers or your current audience is not particularly engaged, running well-targeted engagement campaigns to the content posts is a good way to see how well it is being received. 


Focus on the content that is getting good results and see what else you could do that would generate more.   For example, this post is just 5 strategies long but once we see the results of how many of you read /watched/downloaded the infographic, we will write a follow-up article that includes more - most of the work is done already and we know that it is a popular article.  Seems silly to just ignore it… ;-)

We love to hear from you about the tactics you use in your business, and how you’ve found the ones we’ve shared with you today.  If you’d like to talk about how we could collaborate with you, or just share some of your thoughts, you’re very welcome to do so!

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