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Want my secret formula to easy content creation?


Ok, so ‘secret’ might be a bit far fetched… 


Just like most of you, creating engaging content doesn’t just ‘happen’ every time we put pen to paper / fingertips to keyboards.  I’ve been writing business development content for as long as I can remember, across a bunch of different industries and for a huge range of outcomes.  It isn’t easy, but there is a clear formula that shines out of all the content you read and find compelling. That is what we’re going to crack here. 


Great content is born out of research, careful planning and really, really listening to what your ideal client wants and needs from you. The job of your content is not only letting your ideal client discover you, but also helping them to recognise their need in your content, providing value and building trust. That is A LOT to ask of some simple words on a page - no wonder most business owners find content creation one of the most stressful parts of marketing!


When we’re writing for ourselves or our clients we follow a step by step formula to make sure we’re not missing any key elements.   This is how it goes;


    1. Use your natural tone of voice.

       Too many people get all shirty and formal when they write content for social media.  This isn’t a presentation to the Board of Directors, it’s starting a conversation with people you want to get to know.  
    2. Nail the headline

      Grab their attention, provoke their curiosity, make reading more irresistible!
    3. Be human.

      If you’re not feeling it, your audience won’t either. Give them some background and a description they can empathise with.  If you’re like me, you got into the business you’re in for a reason; there’s a passion and a backstory. Don’t be afraid to share and see how it resonates.,  
    4. Give some useful details.

      What will they have to do to get the results you’re discussing? How did you go about it and where should they start?

    5. Engage with your audience

      Conversations are pretty dull if only one person is talking. Don’t you think?  Would you rather be spoken at or be part of a vibrant discussion that takes things forwards
    6. Listen.

      This one is THE most powerful.  When your client talks, you listen.  Their problems, struggles, hopes, self-doubts, trials and errors.  All of these things help you to speak to them in a language you both understand.  
    7. Be present. 

      Trust takes a while.  Give your audience ample opportunities to get to know you.  Don’t pretend to be infallible. You are the authority in your space but you’re also human and that makes you easier to trust ;-)






Finding your groove with content creation makes the whole thing a lot more fun, faster to produce and more likely to resonate with your audience. 


Another great thing to remember is that content can be repurposed for different placements.   In my blog, “How to Batch Create Content” I go through how we create a month’s worth of content in just a few hours.  I share the method we use at Digital Marketing Engine for breaking up longer articles to make social media posts, quotes, Stories for both Facebook and Instagram. 


Tell me, what do you find easy to write about?

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