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Why can't I just put out an advert that people click?


“I just want to put out an advert that generates enquiries for my business.  All the email list things sound complicated and like it will take a lot of my time.”


I was explaining how to set up a low-cost lead-generation process for a potential client this morning.  We’re starting from scratch; implementing her Facebook Pixel, setting up an Email Service Provider (ESP), building a lead-magnet and a short email nurture sequence. From there we could not only retarget visitors using ads, but send them to her blog and start a conversation there, too.


Does that sound like double-dutch to you?  This is what I live & breathe but I hadn’t taken in to account that for her, it was overwhelming.


All Marie wanted to do was to have an advert on her Facebook page that people clicked on to buy her service.  Sounds simple enough… right? Wrong.


Why a 1-click advert just won’t work.

We [humans] are unlikely to buy something from someone we don’t know, like or trust.  We’re bombarded with options and have the ability to do global research at our fingertips; perhaps you ask friends & family, or ask for recommendations in a networking group, facebook group or other arena where you can obtain ‘social proof’ or validation before you buy.  


If, like Marie, you are selling a service that people use at a very specific time in their lives (- her’s is a luxury honeymoon travel service. She generates the most beautiful and sewn-up honeymoons. Every tiny-detail is taken care of and she gives a level of service difficult to imagine!),  then you would need to get your advert in front of your prospective customer at the very moment they are looking for that service.


Now, you can do precisely that using Google Adwords and ensuring your SEO is bang-on, but that’s a long-game, hard to achieve and, depending on your keywords, very expensive!


How do I get their attention at the right time (their ‘time to buy’)?

The way to capture a broader audience who are likely to want to use a honeymoon planning & booking service is to spend time building a community of people who will want your service in the near future.  As they start their journey as a newly engaged couple there will be a million things they need to organise. Our job is to make sure that Marie is the most trusted name when it comes to the jewel in the crown of their wedding planning; the honeymoon!


There are other opportunities too.  Considering that honeymoons are not a regular (ahem!) purchase but more of a one-off, Marie has the problem of working hard for each sale rather than generating repeat business.   Collaboration and recommendation from other wedding-related businesses could potentially generate a far more regular flow of customers for Marie and boost her reputation by aligning her with salubrious brands, locations and names within the Wedding industry.  Having referrals come from these sources also serves as ‘social proof’ which boosts the rate at which people will become customers.


Currently Marie has no email list, no Facebook pixel or lead-generating resource to rely on.  Her business comes from networking referrals and word-of-mouth. She does well with this but would benefit from having more consistency in the volume and quality of the leads..


The Strategy Plan:

To give Marie a broader audience and grow her customer base we need to create several different funnels* for her business.  Each of these will represent a different angle but result in growth to her core business of booking more luxury honeymoons.

  1. Newly engaged couples
  2. Wedding planners
  3. Wedding venues
  4. Bridal wear-boutiques & Wedding attire boutiques for men


In essence, we’re taking the networking she does in person and automating it online.  I would never suggest replacing the work you do in person, but the online automations ensure that when you speak to someone for the first time, they are already ‘warm’.  This means they are far more likely to engage in a conversation with you, they are definitely interested in your service and are more likely to become a paying customer. Interestingly, it makes your offline networking more powerful, too!


*A funnel is the term used to describe the journey someone takes from not knowing a thing about you, to learning to know, like and trust you, to becoming your customer and giving you repeat business.


Where to start...

The first funnel will look something like this:

Blogs about honeymoons:

  • Lead Magnet (download):  “Ten questions you need to ask in order to booking the perfect honeymoon”
  • Email capture with permission to email about honeymoons (after all, that’s why they're here, right?)
  • Email nurture sequence (automated with time-delay):
  • [immediately after download] ‘Thank you & what this says about you’ email
  • [3-7 days later] Short anecdote about a honeymoon experience and question
  • [3-7 days after 2] The perfect honeymoon; a recipe for booking a successful honeymoon (including what Marie does)
  • honeymoon of the seasons -short overview : Question: What month is your wedding?
  • [1-2 hours after answer selected from email 3] 5 best destinations for luxury honeymoons in [Enter month they selected]
  • [3-7 days after 6] Why you should use a specialist to book your honeymoon + offer
  • At this point they will either become a customer or, if they’re not yet ready to buy you can put them on your main email list where you send fewer messages, such as your blog posts or tips email.
  • [Monthly or fortnightly depending on your content] send them your honeymoon blog & ask them to follow you on social media.


Next, I’ll put the blog post out on Missinglettr which automatically creates a campaign that goes out on your social feeds over the course of 6, 9 or 12 months.  This generates a lot of traffic and effectively means your blog is working for you behind the scenes. Missinglettr posts to Medium.com, too which give you the ability to generate a revenue stream from your blog as well as valuable backlinks (having credible websites that link back to your blog mean google ranks you higher).  


The lead magnet download, “Ten Questions…”, will be placed at several stages of the blog (widely distributed via Missinglettr and Medium.com and either at the end or as a pop-up or slider.  We will also run it as a Facebook advert with targeting options set at ad-set level for the 4 different clients: consumer, wedding planner, venue and wedding-wear supplier.  This lets us see where the best traffic is coming from so we can focus our budget on the higher performer and lower the cost of getting each customer.


When someone downloads the lead magnet they enter the automated email sequence. Marie now has their explicit permission to talk to them about honeymoons and convert them to become her customers!


Does that sounds like a lot of work…?

It does sound like a lot to get in place! Once the framework is there it runs 24/7 in the background.  The beauty of it is you only need to set it up once! Marie will be able to easily use the framework for all of her other funnels, as well as see which emails and lead magnets people respond best to.


Why it is a good idea to get this done professionally.

Having someone who knows what they are doing setting this up for you takes the stress out of your marketing.  The advantage of experience goes a long way when you have a limited budget to spend on getting things going. I completely understand that paying before you get results can be daunting.  By ensuring you start with the right foundations you can control your spending and keep it at a level you are comfortable with.


More importantly, you can track exactly what revenue you get from each action so you’re never wasting money on something that’s ineffective.   As you get more customers and your business grows, you can put more into the area you see most growth from.


Remember; your email list is yours.  Your social channels are not owned by you and can change from one day to the next at the whim of the platform algorithm!


This isn’t for everyone; you have to be serious about growing your customer base and generating more leads.  It does take a bit of work to set up, but once it’s done it ticks along quite nicely in the background.


Proof it works!

I have one on my own site; The Strategy Builder that generates between 20-30 qualified leads per month without any paid advertising, and around 150 per month when I put £1 or £2 per day behind Facebook ads.  People who want to know how to build a social media strategy are going to want more information on how to implement it, run it and develop their marketing. This converts at around 60% (which is pretty high!).   I have a series of 5 emails that go out over 2 months and then a decision email where people join me or continue where they are until they’re ready.


Currently, for every £78 I spend on advertising I generate £1000 revenue.  

Not a bad return - but this wasn't always the case!  

Careful targeting, lots of testing, tweaking, writing and rewriting went in to getting this cost down to where it is.  


Now, when I work with your business to activate these kind of results for you, I use my resources, experience and the power of my social network to streamline your advertising costs & reduce the time it takes so you can maximise your income.


What a pro (me!) will do for you.

I will ensure your plumbing is in place and there are no blockages!  By setting up the foundations I can make it easy for you to maximise the leads we bring to your business.  The targeting will be set to ensure you’re attracting people who want to buy your services or products, that they will benefit from them and become your champions - shouting from the rooftops about your business!


Once we have them in your email list, the emails I will show you how to write will build the trust between you and encourage them to recommend and refer you to others until they themselves hit the right time to buy from you.  Once they have bought from you, you will have the email structure already in place to generate repeat and referral business from them, creating a viral-loop of customer referrals and generating leads for you.


Contact me now for a 20 minute consultation where we can see how this would work for  your business.

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