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Imagine if you could create all your content without the stress?

Imagine if you could create all your content without the stress?

Almost every day when I’m speaking to someone about their social media, it’s content that comes up as their main blocker.  That and time, of course!

If you find yourself not knowing what to post, or where you're going to go next for your content sources, or you’re just out of ideas around what to create, and finding the time to create enough content.  

The time to create content - that's the real reason for most of us when it comes to excuses around content!

Content is so important.  It’s not just the SEO value that great content produces, or the traffic that it sends to your website.  Content is the heart of the relationship we have with our target audience and customer.

In the List Building course we really delve in to the value we can provide to our future customer and how that is what really makes the difference.  It builds trust which grows into relationships, which builds referrals, which grows your income and your business.   

Without content at the foundation, you’re really missing out on a wealth of business when you could be enjoying the rewards instead!

Whether it's on our List Builder training course or in person, when we work with clients to ensure they’re ahead of the curve with their content, we put together a plan.   

Think on that for a moment; a plan. Not really an alien concept is it?!

You have one for your business (hopefully!),
You have one for your week,
You may even have one for your weekend!

Whatever you’re doing or however vague it is  - you have a plan. Yet so many businesses leave their ‘shop window’ to chance.  By not having a plan you can’t tell a story or lead someone to your sales. Put it like that and all of a sudden you want a plan!

When it comes to content you’re looking at a story, a series that takes you from one episode to the next in a compelling and believable way.  Each episode should contain enough to meet your goal (entertain, intrigue, explain..) but leave the audience wanting more. Like the binge series on Netflix, or Amazon!  Think: The Crown, but for your business!

You know that you need to make your content high quality, compelling and relevant.  You know that each outcome (goal) needs to have it’s own story to be told. Most of all you need a method to make this happen without being totally overwhelmed!

By categorising the content you need in your business, you can focus your time and attention on what is really going to make a difference to the here and now.

These are the categories that we use in our business:

1. Lead Magnet Content.

This is the content that attracts people to your business.  This is the core content that you put out every week on a regular basis that addresses your audience’s core problems or beliefs It should be directly related to your topic, add value to your audience, and be something that they can use in their business right away.

2. Content for your followers.

These are your people.  They are your best source of good news, referrals, and so much more.  This is what keeps you connected to your audience and really resonates with them. It should add value and leave them hungry for the next ‘episode’ in your content series.

3. Promotional Content.

This content guides your audience through your funnel to the goal you have set for them.  In defining the goal for each of your core products you can develop a pathway to guide your audience to the sale.

4. Bonus content or developer content.

No matter what your audience has bought from you, you can add surprising value through bonus material and content that shows them how to get the very best from the item or service they have paid for.  This could be taking it to the next step, or keeping things updated even after their sale has completed.

5. Nurture Content.

This is where you really develop and consolidate your relationship.  This is often less formal and more ‘real life’ interaction where your customer is able to get to know you and builds affinity with you. The more you can interact personally (online) the better this stage will be.

Once you are clear on your categories you can work on building out the content that takes people on their journey through all of the stages.   By writing the ‘story’ of your content from start to finish and grouping it according to these stages you can develop ongoing, worthwhile, engaging and relationship-building content libraries.

At each of these stages you can develop a style, template and process that you can apply to whatever topic you are covering.   Creating content in this way is known as ‘batching’. By creating content in batches you can spend a lot less time developing it, and more time serving it to your audience!

Content topics.

Finding topics to create your content around is second only to finding time on the list of reasons people give for not having done it!  

The reality is that your content topics come up every.single.day.  You just need to listen out for them!

Your customer, or target customer, is your single best source of content topics. Listen to the questions they ask, listen to the comments they make, listen to the problems they have.  

If you don’t yet have direct access you can hang-out in the groups (on and offline) where they are and make notes on the conversations and questions that are asked. 

These are all topics you can create noteworthy content that will resonate with your audience.

Take one topic and build out the framework of your content episode by episode:

  • What is the pain-point for your audience?
  • What will the relationship building content for your followers be?
  • What will develop your relationship and convert to a sale?
  • How will you absolutely delight your customer and take them to the next level with you?
  • How can you let your customer into your world so you really get to know them, and they get really comfortable with you?

For each of these steps you develop your process that you can apply to each and every topic you come across, saving you hours of angst and prep time, AND resulting in a content library that you can dive into every day!

Comment below with your content blockers and let’s see if we can’t change that for you!

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