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Don't outsource your marketing until you read this...


As a business owner, you wear multiple hats every day.  Your to-do list gets longer by the minute and you’re constantly having to figure out how to do the next thing.  You have a lot of mixed responsibilities. Chances are you’re either creating content for your services or working with a supply chain for your products.   The research, planning, network-building and discovery (not to mention investment) it takes to get a business off the ground is enormous and exhausting, no matter how great your passion!


No matter what your product or service, the only way you get paid is by developing a client or customer who buys from you.  How do you make that happen?


Small business owners like you and I think we can be all things to all people.  We hear time and time again in the small business world that we need to build a team around us of people to whom we can outsource tasks.  Still we ‘google’ how to do something and spend a day learning what we could have engaged someone else to do for £20 per hour just to ‘save the money’.  In reality, we know it is a waste of our time and that we could have made more money in our business in the time it took us to research, learn and do that task!   As an example, when I was building out the Social Media Mastery course I spent days learning how to use Kajabi, our learning platform.   I wanted it to look perfect and to make the lessons really easy to absorb and implement in your business - which took a lot of trial and error.  I could have hired someone to do this for me and saved myself some serious headaches while still achieving the same result. Lesson learned…


Sure, send your accountant all the invoices, bills, vat returns and HMRC headaches to deal with, employ a VA to help manage the calendar, paperwork and other business administration.  

Outsourcing things that aren’t your core job or skill-set is the most sensible decision you will make.  With one caveat; your marketing.


Keep the client contact yours.


Business owners like you and I often shy away from things that we don’t want to do. Putting ourselves out there is one of the biggest hurdles you need to overcome!    Marketing is the window on our business that the world will see. This is where someone will become your customer. This is where your hard work pays off and your business becomes a success.  Why would you hand the keys to someone else who isn’t as invested as you? They may be an expert marketer but YOU are the expert in your business and YOU need to understand how to market it.


If this is new to you then you will want some training to make sure it is manageable, focused and financially efficient.  Our Social Media for Starters course takes you through the core principles of good marketing, as well as walking you step-by-step through building your strategy, developing your plan and, crucially, getting things done in your marketing.  The coaching calls mean that we are able to tailor things to the businesses we’re working with and help you where you need it most. We understand that through marketing your own business you will learn an enormous amount about your customer, their behaviours, motivations and buying reasons, meaning you can focus your business to make more sales.


When we work with businesses to coach them through their marketing journey we see so many ‘ah ha’ moments;  That point when your sales data shows you understand who your customer really is and where to find them, what problems you’re solving for your customer, why they buy from you.  When you see your business grow to the stage where outsourcing (or hiring someone to do) your marketing is the sensible option. The training and experience you will have gained through working with your 1-to-1 marketing coach means you’ll have a far better understanding of what you need and how it should be done.


Marketing can be a hugely complex beast with many, many layers, directions, funnels, and output channels. The complexity is overwhelming and really does require some specialist input


It doesn’t have to be complicated to start with.  


There are several basic steps someone will take before they buy from you:


  1. They discover a problem (or you show them their problem)
  2. They research how to solve it
    1. They find you
    2. They get to like you
    3. They get to trust you
  3. They buy from you


All of these steps require you to be visible, present and describing both their problem and your solution (product or service) that solves their problem.   In its most simple form, this is marketing.


We know that good marketing is critical to the success of any business.  Good marketing needs good research behind it. In both of our training courses, we devote a lot of resources that help you produce a strategy, a plan and give you time to make the refinements as you go.  As a small business owner, no one knows your business as well as you. Your goals are your passion and your vision is clear.


Small businesses evolve quickly. The target audience you imagine today might turn out to be just a fraction of who buys from you tomorrow.  Keeping your marketing up to date with this kind of evolution requires agility and focus, which is why we believe that you, the business owner, are best served by learning how to do your own marketing.   


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