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How to batch-create your marketing content

Uncategorized Mar 18, 2019


We all know that content is the backbone of successful marketing.  We’ve heard it time and time again, but what does ‘content’ really mean?


Whether you’re using it online or physical marketing such as a poster, flyer, or magazine;  What you write, the images you use, the video you produce, is all representing your brand. That’s a scary thought, right?, and probably the one that keeps people from producing the content that could change their business!


A lot of the struggle around content is people’s perception of what the end product should look like.   If you struggle to create content then the chances are that you either don’t identify with your core customer, or you’re trying to write like someone you’re not.  Let me explain what I mean by that:


If you’re someone who feels comfortable in a city-suit, has a napkin at the formal breakfast table, reads the broadsheets in...

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Guest Blog: Blogging SEO for beginners

blogging guest blog jvf seo May 03, 2018

We're really excited to be working with Joana Ferreira from JVF Marketing on a series of guest blogs that will help you to implement and boost your blog's ability to get found, read and shared.

Blogging SEO for Beginners

Planning out your blog content is an integral part of your digital marketing, but did you know that there are some simple ways you can boost the SEO potential of each article and make sure you’re getting the most out of each piece of content?

If you’re unfamiliar with SEO, it stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and it’s the art of boosting your presence across search engines so that you appear higher up in results pages when someone searches for relevant keywords. This is key in ensuring you get consistently relevant traffic to your website, with a higher likelihood of converting into new business. It’s a complex world with a lot of technical aspects to it, and in general a good SEO strategy is a long-term investment. Your blog...

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How to brand your Instagram Story Highlights

  1. What are instagram stories highlights?
    • Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours, but you can keep them on your profile for as long as you want by converting it to a ‘highlight’.  These sit just below your bio, above your grid.
  2. Each highlight has a title of 15 characters, but you want to use a max of 8 if you want the title to show without being cut off.
  3. Instagram uses the start of your story as the cover image, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change it to something more ‘on brand’.  It’s a good idea to do this so the highlights ‘pop’ on the page and encourage you to take a further look at the content.
  4. To design your highlight covers you have so many options: using a logo, bold background, photo… or whatever works best for your brand.  The optimum size is 1080 x 1920, same as stories.
    • NB.  you can design these inside stories using the type function, if you wish. To do this, open stories and scroll...
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Build a Better Blog!

Build a better blog!

Blogging either fills you with glee or dread; It’s the marmite of the business world. We all read them and some of us even write them! We know we should have one, but what makes one blog better than another? and, how do we make that leap even if we’re not ‘born bloggers’?

What’s a blog & why should I bother?

Blogging is a term that is probably less than a decade old.  It used to be ‘writing an article’ or ‘newsletter’! The rise of doing business online has dramatically changed that.  Now, having a blog is seen as a necessity of successful marketing. A blog doesn’t have to be reams of material, painstakingly produced; it can be a series of microblogs, a video (vlog), or a more traditionally written article.   


The rise of online marketing and the growth of blogs, as a result, mean that the standards have risen, too.  It’s no longer just enough to produce the...

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Imagine if you could create all your content without the stress?

Imagine if you could create all your content without the stress?

Almost every day when I’m speaking to someone about their social media, it’s content that comes up as their main blocker.  That and time, of course!

If you find yourself not knowing what to post, or where you're going to go next for your content sources, or you’re just out of ideas around what to create, and finding the time to create enough content.  

The time to create content - that's the real reason for most of us when it comes to excuses around content!

Content is so important.  It’s not just the SEO value that great content produces, or the traffic that it sends to your website.  Content is the heart of the relationship we have with our target audience and customer.

In the List Building course we really delve in to the value we can provide to our future customer and how that is what really makes the difference.  It builds trust which grows into relationships, which...

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Your 2018 Social Media Branding Strategy in 8 Easy Steps

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2018

Your 2018 Social Media Branding Strategy in 8 Easy Steps

Social media is a window of opportunity to get your voice heard far & wide. Your online reach is beyond the fantasies of the physical businesses we grew up with (showing my age…). The speed with which the internet has changed commerce to e-commerce has been astonishing, and revolutionary.

Social selling, trust building, audience multiplication, and new venture launches are just some of the possibilities available to you that were previously either unthinkable, or far tougher to achieve!

Getting your voice heard among the noise on social media is the new pain-point for businesses. The competition to be noticed on a social media feed is not only the businesses but also the personal friends & family of your target audience. So how do you make an impact?

1. Are you on the right networks?
There are hundreds of social media networks and not all of them are right for you. Don’t sweat it! Start with the...

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The Rise of the Micro Influencer

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2018

Snapshot of Facts about Influencer Marketing:

Typically an Influencer will have in excess of 10,000 followers before they are taken seriously and are able to generate a reasonable income from their social media channels.  

Beyond the 10K mark, it starts to become less of a sideline and more of a career choice to build your business around your social media channels.

A micro-Influencer will typically have under 5000 followers.  So why would you pay them to promote your business, instead?

The reason to use an Influencer is clear:  They are an authority with their followers and can influence their purchasing decisions.  

By representing your business they are transferring that authority with their followers to you and encouraging sales on your behalf. This only works if their followers are real, engaged, and willing to listen.

Engagement rates for influencers with over 5000 followers are averaging 3.5%. Those under the 5k mark have a far higher 9.6% engagement...

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