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The Rise of the Micro Influencer

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2018

Snapshot of Facts about Influencer Marketing:

Typically an Influencer will have in excess of 10,000 followers before they are taken seriously and are able to generate a reasonable income from their social media channels.  

Beyond the 10K mark, it starts to become less of a sideline and more of a career choice to build your business around your social media channels.

A micro-Influencer will typically have under 5000 followers.  So why would you pay them to promote your business, instead?

The reason to use an Influencer is clear:  They are an authority with their followers and can influence their purchasing decisions.  

By representing your business they are transferring that authority with their followers to you and encouraging sales on your behalf. This only works if their followers are real, engaged, and willing to listen.

Engagement rates for influencers with over 5000 followers are averaging 3.5%. Those under the 5k mark have a far higher 9.6% engagement...

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