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Why do you need great content?


Why do you need great content?


Google “ how often should I post on my Facebook page?” and you’ll get hundreds, if not thousands, of hits - all offering different advice on the best time and frequency to post.  The truth is that posting regularly has a lot of benefits:


  • Facebook favours predictability
  • Your audience knows they will get regular, great content from you
  • Creating content keeps you tapped into what your audience wants
  • It makes your advertising cheaper...


...and so many more benefits that the list would be endless!   


As a Facebook Ads agency, we love working with businesses who create a lot of content; they not only understand what it is to align with their clients, but they tend to have a much more engaged  and receptive audience, which makes our job of scaling sales and finding fresh customers far more exciting, and their results can be HUGE!  


More often than not we’re...

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I'd like it to go viral, please...

facebook ads Sep 06, 2019

I'd like it to go viral, please...

Yep. That's the brief.

Predicting what can and will take on a life of its own on social media is no mean feat. If it were possible it would certainly be worth keeping under wraps!

What we can do is to ensure that the ads we're producing are reaching the right people, at the right time, for the right price. Delivering a multiple return on ad spend (ROAS) is the benchmark of success for sales-focused campaigns. But what does it take to build that ROAS?

Spoiler alert! There are no ‘secret methods’ or hidden tricks to high performing ads.

(sorry ‘bout that!).



Four questions will give you the keys to the castle:

  • Did I test it properly?
  • How good is my creative?
  • How good is my offer / product?
  • Is my set-up fully connected?


Start at the bottom of the list and work your way to the top. Be brutally honest with yourself at each stage and fix the things that are not quite hitting the...

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Why You Will Never ‘Hack’ The Facebook Algorithm (and why you shouldn't try)



Why You Will Never ‘Hack’ The Facebook Algorithm (and why you shouldn't try)


If you type ‘beat the Facebook algorithm’ into Google, you will find hundreds of thousands of articles. They will give you advice on how to either avoid or trick Facebook’s latest algorithm changes and make your social media efforts more successful. As long as social media algorithms have been around, people have been trying to find ways to beat them instead of working within their rules. But we’re here to tell you something you probably don’t want to hear – you can’t beat the algorithm. And here’s why.


How Algorithms Work


In a strictly technical sense, the word ‘algorithm’ is a set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations. When it comes to social media, each network and platform has a unique set of technical elements, intricate logic and usage analytics that make up the...

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