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Comprehensive Social Media Marketing Course

6 online modules, each with a 1-1 tutoring session to help you develop & implement your learning. 

Module 1. Set up & Optimisation

Understand which platforms are best for your needs.  Learn how to set-up, optimise, and structure your social media for the best results.   This module includes a full audit of your platform to see how they have performed to date, and where you can immediately benefit from changes. 

Module 2.  Content Strategy & Planning

We will help you to design your strategy for maximum impact & engagement. You will learn how to implement specific content to achieve the results you want, including clever ways to discover what your audience wants to know, and how  you can deliver it in the best possible way.

Module 3.  Building your Content Library

You will learn how to understand & interpret your customer's behaviour.  We will then develop your content strategy and library so you are best placed to influence their buying process and drive them to a sale. 

Module 4. Return on Investment

See what is really working for you.  Learn how to test & measure your content, refine your strategy and engage your audience more deeply. Set KPIs for each of your platforms and build on the successes. 

Module 5. Paid Advertising on Social Media

Understand how to work with paid advertising. Learn how to set goals and develop an integrated strategy to get real results.  This module includes in-depth guides to targeting (including unlocking hidden targeting options) and testing adverts on Facebook & Instagram, as well as a thorough look at the other main platforms. 

Module 6. Working with Influencers  / The benefits of Influencer Marketing

Discover the benefits associated with different influencer styles.  Together we will uncover how to distinguish between 'Good' and 'Great', as well as build a strategy for working with influencers to ensure the best return on your investment. 

1-1 Tutoring sessions.

Each module of this course comes with a 1-1 session with an experienced Tutor.  All of our tutors are Social Media Managers with collectively vast experience across a number of industries.   We aim to allocate a tutor who will be knowledgable about your business area, and consistently available throughout your course.  This is what sets us apart from other training courses, and ensures you get the best possible solution to your needs. 


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