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Campaign Kick-Starter

Up to now, the options available to business owners are pretty polarised; you either spend big bucks on having an agency do everything for you (don't get me wrong - if you can afford it then this is the way to go!), or muddle through with a million different YouTube tutorials, Blueprint, Udemy courses or worse; high priced, pre-recorded courses that you have to try to adapt and bend to make work for your business.  Not ideal!​

Whether you're going to go down the agency route or do it yourselves, I'm a real believer that you should have a good understanding of what's involved and where your revenue comes from. 

In Campaign Kickstarter, we do just that.  Every week for 4 weeks you get on a call with me and we take you through the steps you need to implement that stage.  Each call is recorded and shared between us, no one else.  You get to ask what you want and together we get your campaign up and running AND you get the recording to go back to when you need it.   

What do we cover?  Because your Campaign Kickstarter is tailored to you, what we'll cover depends on what you need and your experience.  There's no point boring you with basics if you're already pretty accomplished!  Nevertheless, we'll go over; 

 - Digital plumbing - Ensuring no customers are leaking away!
 - Your audience mapping & build
 - Your campaign goals
 - Mapping your sales funnel (customer journey)
 - Building your campaign
 - Testing & optimising 
 - How to interpret the results (find the bottlenecks and fix them!)

It feels like a lot to cover in just a month but it is entirely possible with our guidance and experience for you to lean on!

Facebook Ads are the best way to reach your audience fast and still the cheapest method around.  It makes me sad when I see business owners asking in groups why their ads have failed or saying it doesn't work for their business...  it does - let us show you how!


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