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Campaign Kick-Starter

Campaign Kick-Starter is a 4-week campaign for companies who want to get real results from online ads without retaining an agency long-term. We’ll test which audiences, creative, and copy deliver the best results for you, and build a fully-working sales funnel which you can then easily manage yourself.

This is a new concept in Digital Marketing. It works firstly because it fills the gap between trying to do everything yourself and having an agency on a full-time retainer. For a fixed period of time and cost, you have access to the full expertise of a Facebook Approved Marketing Partner who will tailor a sales funnel specifically for your business.  

This means no more wasting precious time on yet more courses, YouTube tutorials, or trying to figure out what an algorithm is or does. 

Facebook & Instagram ads are, without question, both the best way to reach your audience and the cheapest.  It makes us sad to see business owners asking why their ads have failed or saying they don't work for their business...  and every time, it’s because they are not being done right. It does work if done right - and we’ll show you how!

So what do we do in Campaign Kickstarter? 

🚀 1 - We’ll fix your ‘Digital Plumbing’, ensuring that all your online assets are connected properly, and potential clients can’t leak away!

🚀 2 - We’ll map and build your ideal target audiences. 

🚀 3 - We’ll design your campaign goals in line with your business strategy.

🚀 4 - We’ll build your bespoke sales funnel - the customer journey.

🚀 5 - We’ll build a live Ad Campaign on Facebook.

🚀 6 - We’ll test and optimise all elements of the Ad Campaign to ensure that it is delivering the best quality leads at the lowest possible cost.

🚀 7 - We’ll handover back to you, showing you what we’ve done, how to interpret the results, how to fix any issues, and how to keep the campaign running in just a few hours a month. 

Your Facebook Ad Spend is included for the period of testing. 


🚀 If your company is not currently generating leads or sales online, you are probably missing out on gold dust. 

🚀 If you’re not using the largest and most intelligent advertising platform that has ever existed, your competitors probably are. 

🚀 And lastly, if you are spending hours of time trying to figure out how to make it all work - you're not focused on your business. 

That’s why it makes sense to have experts set it up perfectly for you - and then you can just take over the running of a dynamite lead generation system. 🚀


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